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About Dishes by Daniel


How can one sum up the main agenda of a food prep company? Oh that’s right, a Mission Statement! At Dishes By Daniel we value being as straight forward and authentic as possible. Our main focus is clear:

  • We want to help and guide our customers towards a healthy and nutritious diet by providing them with absolutely delicious meals at their own convenience.

BOOM, there it is! Fairly simple you might say; well, for Dishes By Daniel, it is THAT simple!


“Healthier than takeout, tastier than meal prep”


Our properly portioned meals are carefully designed to meet the standards of a balanced diet, without losing the most enjoyable part of eating…THE TASTE! “It’s all in the technique”, as they say, and so; we can genuinely guarantee that you will be able to appreciate the time and care that is put into all of our dishes because they are all fueled by the most important thing, and that is called LOVE!

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